About Us

Nordep Medical Pte Ltd, established in June 2005, is a privately-held distributor of human and veterinary medical diagnostic products. We have a professional team to serve the Medical Industry, supplying Point-of-Care Diagnostics, and Medical equipment to the medical laboratories, researchers, universities, hospitals, government institutions, biotech manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, physicians and veterinary clinics. We are recognized as a team who brings cutting-edge technologies from our Principals to our valued customers.



Commitment to improve health

Nordep offers a broad range of high value medical diagnostics and disinfectant products for professional, medical and home user. Importantly, the company has been committed to providing accurate, timely and cost-effective solutions for screening, diagnosing and monitoring health problems.


Commitment to value customer

The healthcare community demands quality, reliability and service. Nordep aims precisely to meet these demands effectively and efficiently by ensuring that products we distribute are innovative, competitively priced, and superior in quality. On-going searching for products and services is Nordep top priority.

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