Sodago Cordvet® Serum


Regen X

Sodago CORDVET® Serum

Advanced Wound Healing

Regenerative Serum to Aid Wound Healing

CORDVET® is a complex mixture of proteins which have been extracted from Cord Lining Stem Cells using a proprietary technique patented by CellResearch Corporation. It is essentially a regenerative protein ‘soup’ produced by Cord Lining Stem Cells. CORDVET® can be obtained from Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells of all mammals.

CORDVET® activates surrounding cells to function and divide normally thus encouraging tissue regeneration and repair. Old damaged cells are allowed to die (apoptosis). CORDVET® proteins also repair and replenish the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) which functions to allow cells to communicate with each other. Overall, the affected environment is returned to a balanced state to restore active healing.

  • Corneal Ulcer: add 1 vial into a bottle of antibiotic eye drops (5-10ml bottle) and mix thoroughly before dispensing

  • Skin Wounds: add 1 vial to 25g of antibiotic gel or cream and mix thoroughly before application

  • Sterile Surgical Wound: add 2 drops or more directly onto clean open wound before closure

  • Skin / Surgical Wound: add 2-3 drops directly to wound margin after closure

  • Orthopedic Wound: add 2-3 drops to edges of the fracture after reduction