Hospital patients rarely wash their hands, may spread disease

Although healthcare workers are urged to wash their hands often and hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere in hospitals, patients are less scrupulous and may be contributing to the spread of hospital-acquired infections, say Canadian researchers. After tracking hundreds of patients in a transplant ward for nearly a year, the study team found that hand washing […]

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Ebola or Not? Rapid Test for the Virus Not Here Yet

That assessment, by Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer at Texas Health Resources, during testimony before a Congressional panel on Thursday, sums up the critical concern at the heart of the current Ebola scare.

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Ebola and Dogs

According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola Virus has killed more than 3,400 people in West Africa and infected at least twice that many to date. The virus has taken an especially devastating toll in the hardest-hit countries of West Africa; Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. However, infected persons travelling from this region have […]

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