RapidVet®-H IC


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RapidVet®-H IC

Feline Blood Typing

Immuno-Chromatographic Test for Identifying Feline A, B, and AB blood

RapidVet®-H IC Feline Blood Typing System, based on immuno-chromatographic (lateral flow) technology, is the first such system to present a positive result as a red line on a white background thus making it very easy to read. The system consists of a compact test device containing three membranes, and is dependent upon the use of a microtube containing pre-measured diluent specific for this feline testing and a special buffer to facilitate movement of the red cells along the membranes.

Each of the membranes contains, in a sharply defined area, a substance that captures red blood cells under only one set of conditions. The membranes intersect under a round sample port. Fluids added to the sample port are transported by capillary action along each of the membranes to points distant from the sample port and separate from each other. A viewing window exists over each of the three defined areas.

RapidVet®-H IC Feline test utilizes immuno-chromatographic technology. Uses patient whole blood. (Packed red cells diluted 1:1 with saline can also be used.) Results are obtained in 5-10 minutes. Easy-to-use, compact device shows results as a red line on a white background for easy interpretation.

For use with feline species

Kits contain: Test devices in sealed pouch, pipettes, pre-filled microtubes, dropper bottle with special buffer, package insert and report cards.
Storage: Room temperature. Do not freeze.
Shelf Life: 24 months
Available As: 5 test kit (Cat# HFIC05)
10 test kit (Cat# HFIC10)

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