Blood chemistry analyzer

Point-of-care diagnosis

ProtectLife AmiShield is a state-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte and immunoassay analyzer that delivers accurate and reliable test results in 14-16 minutes from just 2 drops of whole blood, serum or plasma; making it ideal for veterinary universities, hospitals, and clinics.

AmiShield all-in-one Blood Chemistry analyzer utilizes an innovative spectrum-based detective platform. The benefits not only enhance measuring accuracy and reduce detection variance; it also enable ProtectLife to come up with more innovative test parameters.

Features & Functions
  • Built-in centrifuge
  • Multiple Automatic Quality Control per run
  • Single parameter test available
  • Laboratory equivalent accuracy
  • Small sample requirement
  • Innovative test
Product Specification
Species: Canine, Feline, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Sugar Glider, Hedgehog
Units: S.I. unit / Non S.I. unit
Sample type: Lithium-heparinized Whole blood
Lithium-heparinized Plasma
Sample size: 0.17cc (170ul) for 6-14 parameters
0.06cc (60ul) for 1-4 parameters
Result time: Whole blood : ~16 min
Plasma, Serum: ~14 min
Test memory: 80 records (inclusive Error record)
Quality control: AmiShield BC™
  – quality control reagent for Blood Chemistry disc
AmiShield EC™
  – quality control reagent for Electrolyte disc
AmiShield IC™
  – quality control reagent for Immunology disc
Temperature: 20-36 °C Operating temperature
Relative Humidity: 30-50 RH (with no condensation)
Interface: RS232, USB port 2.0
Power supply: 110-220 volts AC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions: W: 340mm ; D: 240mm ; H: 240mm
Net weight: 8.5kg

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