BC-60R Vet



BC-60R Vet

(6-part diff) Hematology analyzer

With the deepening of the concept of animal health, people pay more attention to their pet’s health, and veterinarians have higher requirements for diagnostic equipment. The veterinary hematology analyzer, as one of the core equipment in the laboratory department, is assuming greater responsibility.

According to the characteristics of veterinary hematology analysis, Mindray Animal Medical insists on taking technological innovation as the basis, taking customer needs as the goal, and taking the clinical characteristics of animals as guidance. Now, we have developed hematology analyzer products that are suitable for animals, and we have become a pioneer in the field of a new generation of hematology analyzers.

New Generation Design Concept: Easy to Operate and More User-Friendly
3D Cube Analysis Technology Combining Scattered Light and Fluorescence Dyeing
  • S-Scatter: forward laser scatter and side laser scatter to detect the size and complexity of cells
  • F-Fluorescence: side laser scatter fluorescence detection of nucleic acid content in cells
  • Cube-3D cubic analysis technique combining both scattered light and fluorescence.

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