BeneFusion VP1 Vet



BeneFusion VP1 Vet

Infusion Pump

User friendly

  • Lightweight design for easy carrying and mounting
  • Long battery runtime perfect for emergency cases and electric brownout situation


  • Dynamic pressure display, prevents occlusion caused by small animal movement
  • High sensitivity air bubble detection up to 50ul


  • WiFi connection available
  • Dock support
Dimension 250 x 90 x 150mm
Weight <1.45kg
Classification CF, Class I
Infusion sets Applicable to GB 8368-2005 disposals; diameters Φ 3.5-4.5mm, thickness 0.8-1.2mm
Screen 2.4” LCD monochrome screen
Basic Parameters
Infusion mode Rate mode, Drop rate mode
Flow rate range <0.1~600 ml/h
VTBI 0.1~9999 ml
Accumulated volume 0.1~9999 ml, increment is 0.1 ml
Preset time 00:00:01-99:59:59( h:m:s) adjustable
Increment 0.1 ml/h
Accuracy ≤ ± 5%
KVO rate 0.5 ml/h, unadjustable
Bolus rate Manual Bolus: 0.2-600ml/h
Purge rate 600ml/h, unadjustable
Occlusion Low 150±113 mmHg (20kPa)
Medium 525±113 mmHg (70kPa)
High 900±180 mmHg (120 kPa)
Air bubble detection Minimum: 50ul
5 levels selectable: 50ul, 100ul, 250ul, 500ul, 800ul
Default: 100ul

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