Vcheck V200



Vcheck V200

Multi-Parametric immunoassay

More accurate than ever

Vcheck is a multi-parametic flourescent immunoassay system providing rapid, accurate and realiable results for quantitative and semi-quantitative test.

  • Multiple tests on a single device
    Point-Of-Care test of various disease markers, viral antigen of infectious diseases, and antibody titer is possible with the Vcheck analyzers.
  • Auto-coding system with 2D barcode technology
    All the test devices can be randomly accessible to the Vcheck analyzer without any pre-procedure.
    The analyzer recognizes each test device once inserted.
  • Automatic recognition of handwriting
    A handwritten patient name or ID on the test device is printed with the test result for user’s convenience.
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
    Strong correlation with gold standard methods and reliability are the strengths of Vcheck analyzers.
  • Rapid, easy to use and cost effective
Test capacity 1 test at a time
Power source AD/DC adaptor (12V)
Display 7″ color TFT LCD (800×400), Touch screen
Printer Built-in printer
LIS/HIS connectivity HL7 v2.6 (PCD-01) POCT 1-A
Dimension (L x W x H) 200 x 240 x 205 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Special feature Auto hand-note recognition of patient’s name
Currently available items
Acute Phase Protein Canine CRP, Feline SAA
Pancreatic-specific Lipase cPL, fPL
Hormone cCortisol, T4, cTSH, cProgesterone
Renal Biomarker SDMA
Infectious Disease CCV Ag, CDV Ag, CPV Ag, CPV/CCV Ag (3lines), CHW Ag, FPV Ag
Antibody Titer CDV Ab, CPV Ab, CAV Ab, FHV Ab, FPV Ab, FCV Ab
Items under development
Thrombotic Disease D-dimer
Diabetes Fructosamine

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