v-gel ADVANCED Rabbit


v-gel® ADVANCED Rabbit

Airway Device

v-gel® ADVANCED for rabbits gives a high performance alternative to using endotracheal tubes and face masks. Located in the pharynx, a secure airway seal is obtained through the combination of a gel-like material with design contours that mirror the anatomical airway structures of the rabbit. This delivers a clear and safe airway in less than 8 seconds, avoids patient trauma and provides a seal enabling mechanical or manual ventilation.

The v-gel®, once sited securely in the pharynx, allows lateral movement giving the user good access around the mouth for routine dental procedures.

New to v-gel® ADVANCED

  • Bowl now envelopes the whole larynx and epiglottis sits inside – avoids folding of epiloglottis and “blue tongue”
  • Greater seal pressure – even better for ventilating
  • Each size more flexible in terms of size of rabbit it suits
  • More space and security for dental procedures
  • Tying rings broken dorsally and ventrally to avoid catching on incisors during placement
  • Single use – human medicine standards of hygiene

Plus original features of v-gel® rabbit devices

  • Anatomical matching features combined with a soft material to give a high quality pressure seal
  • Suited to ventilated as well as spontaneously-breathing patients
  • Avoids laryngeal and tracheal trauma, which means safer anaesthetics and comfortable patient recoveries
  • Fast, easy, safe and stress-free insertions
  • No post-operative coughing or gagging
  • Low airway resistance due to the large airway channel within the device
  • High quality pressure seal restricting leakage of volatile anaesthetic agents, thus improving health and safety for staff
  • Tip inserts into the upper oesophagus to help prevent and manage regurgitation of stomach contents
  • Safer, smoother recoveries
  • Ideal for safer dental procedures
  • Low dead space connector

v-gel® ADVANCED Rabbit Webinar

Dr Ivan Crotaz discusses what’s new with v-gel advanced for rabbits and discusses how he utilizes them in his practice.

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